Dear comrades,

definitely you have heard about events in Belarus. 26-years old post-soviet dictatorship finally put the country in front of fascism. Brutality of police is out of all the boundaries, especially inside the detention centers, people are happy to get in regular prisons, but not into the hands of OMON (riot police). We are not going to argue with sectarians whether this is “true” or “not true”. No one revolution started as a social one. French revolution started from demands to establish constitutional changes, rusian revolution started as food protests, spanish revolution started from uprising against military putsch. This is revolution, people can’t imagine coming back to ”normality’. Belarus was one of the most calm countries with no social movements, but people exploded rapidly, and continue to resist to authority. There are no real political parties or political ideologies, people don’t have political culture at all. That is why we expect high interest to anarchism and natural self-organization of society on all the levels.

Our collective decided to concentrate on practical support of belarusian revolution. All the regular works on website are postponed, and we prefer not to loose the time on interviews, analysis or one more nice video. What international anarchist movement can do to see black flags in Belarus, it is direct struggle (solidarity demo didn’t overthrew any dictatorship) and donations. Probably, Belarus could become more important for anarchism then Rojava.