Moscow Region: Arson of Military Registration and Enlistment Office

News from 09.03.22

At night in Lukhovitsy, Moscow region, a local man threw Molotov cocktails at the military registration and enlistment office. He tried to destroy the archive with personal data of reservists -conscripts who can be sent to war in Ukraine. We publish his statement.

The other day I set fire to the military registration and enlistment office in Lukhovitsy, Moscow region and filmed it on GoPro. I painted the gates in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and wrote: “I will not go kill my brothers!”, then climbed over the fence, poured gasoline on the front, broke the windows and sent Molotov cocktails into them. The aim was to destroy the archive with the personal files of the conscripts, which is located in this unit. This should prevent mobilization in the district. I hope that I won’t see mclassmates in captivity or in the lists of the dead.
I think it should be spread. Ukrainians will know that people in Russia are fighting for them, not everyone is afraid and there are people who care. Our protesters should be inspired to act more radically. And this should break the spirit of the Russian army and government even more. Let these faggots know that their own people hate them and will extinguish them. The ground will soon burn beneath their feet, hell awaits them at home as well.


source tg-channel Боец Анархист