Современное анархистское движение


We’re back! For about three months, Anarchy Today was inaccessible. In Russia and Belarus, it was listed as extremist and blocked a long time ago, but our readers know how to use TOR and other anonymizers, and the claims of Roskomnadzor did not bother us. Over the last few months when we worked, the number of our readers doubled. But time flies, our enemies learn too, they have learned how to write in English and write convincing denunciations, and the hosts from the “liberal” world took them on, afraid of terrorist charges. This was to be expected, but our collective is small, its members are engaged in a practical revolutionary struggle, subjected to repression, and we could not take measures in time to ensure uninterrupted work of the site. We were expected to remove texts about the manufacture and use of BB, but any attempts of censorship are unacceptable to us.

In the meantime, we have managed to address the obvious vulnerabilities and are continuing our work. Note that the site now has a new address, please pass this on to those who don’t already know. But the email anarchytoday@riseup.net is still the old one. Write to us, we are interested in feedback.